Hi, I'm Rick Bhullar, a Weight Loss Coach that is dedicated to getting people moving again and having them fall in love with the process!

This 7-Day Challenge is the motivation you've been looking for to get moving again and lose weight. 

20,000 steps in 7 days...

No more excuses! Get ready to kickstart your fitness journey with our community of 100K people all over the world

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Over the next 7 days...

  • I'm going to email you a new fun and upbeat walking workout everyday
  • Every new video will come with a fun twist and step counter
  • If you stick to the challenge, I promise you're going to have tons of laughs, feel motivated and energized 
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During this challenge I can promise

  • Your energy levels will be through the roof 
  • You will be burning those calories 
  • You will notice a huge positive change in your mood
  • You will be motivated like never before
  • We are going to have a ton of fun (because that's what's most important right?)
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