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Calculate your daily macronutrients based on your goal. Based on the Harris-Benedict formula

Frequently Asked Questions

This calculator is based on the Harris-Benedict formula which is the most popular formula to calculate macronutrients. 
A calculator can give you a good estimate, however it does take some level of trial and error to work out your exact numbers.

I would recommend sticking to your numbers for one week then weigh yourself on the scale. This will let you know if you are gaining weight, maintaining your weight or losing weight. Then you can adjust your numbers or activity level accordingly.

To live a healthy life, the recommendation is 15% per day of protein. However when you are working towards a specific goal, you will need to increase your protein intake to support the goal. The protein recommendation maybe higher than you're used to, but it's required for your goal.

Weight and fat are actually two different things.
Weight includes muscle, fat, water, bones and last night's dinner.
It is specifically fat we are targeting and our body can only burn fat at a certain rate. That rate is 1% of your bodyweight per week. So if you weight 200lbs, then your max fat loss per week is 2lbs. Anymore than that tends to be water and muscle.

There's one of two things that are likely.

1. You're on the shorter side, so don't require as many calories to maintain your weight.

2. Or the more likely reason is you've set your goal to the highest weight loss rate and your activity to the least active.
I would recommend increasing your activity level which will then allow you to eat more calories. The more calories we can eat, the more micronutrients we will consume which will be healthier for the body.

Watch my first talk on nutrition.

It includes everything you need to know to get started. The information you'll learn during this talk will give you a full understanding of diet and nutrition.
It is available on Get Fit With Rick Membership platform, however you can take advantage of the 7 day free trial to watch it for free.
If you want to further your knowledge, sign up for one of our memberships where you'll find part 2 on nutrition and a 3rd talk on training and exercise which is everything you need to know.

Yes absolutely, however for a healthy heart, you should incorporate exercise into your life. I would recommend minimum of 7000 steps per day and some level of strength training. The older you get the more important this becomes for joint and bone health.

Absolutely not.
Calculating and tracking your calories is educating yourself on the content of food and your meal portions.

Eventually you will get to a point where you no longer need to track and can live a life eating intuitively.
You'll understand your food portions, meal types and what kind of foods to eat. Tracking simply gives you back control of your diet and educates you to make informed decisions moving forwards.

I would recommend using Myfitnesspal app to start logging your food and tracking your calories.

Use these numbers to manually set your goal in the settings of Myfitnesspal.
Top tip, if you have a fitness tracker linked to Myfitnesspal, it will give to an "extra" allowance of calories according to your exercise you did that day. Ignore that number and stick to the original goal. This is because we have already factored in our exercise with the goal we have set.


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